The Forsman’s Today

We believe our love for the outdoors and our passion for farming is what keeps us focused, fulfilled and successful from day to day. Sustaining our farm is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle that we embrace with an overwhelming sense of pride.

Our days always start with eggs…Mae’s Eggs to be exact. We gather, clean, inspect and process the eggs to make sure only the very best quality eggs are packed, shipped and enjoyed. Mae’s Eggs are what we’ve built our reputation on here at Forsman Farms, and continues to be the brand of choice for retailers of all sizes throughout the Midwest.

Although Mae’s Eggs are the trademark of Forsman Farms, we believe the true essence of farming is really about the circle of life. That’s why every year we take the time to also grow fresh corn and soybeans in our field. That’s how we provide the highest quality, nutrient-rich feed for our chickens…in a sustainable way.

Our Roots Are Firmly Planted.